Hey recently I went and golfed at Hunters Creek. It was a group of eight of us, and we had a great time. I’m admit that some of the course was a little rough. Which brings me to the point of this conversation. Well… I call it a conversation you don’t get to respond. LOL (hear me out.) But I’m gonna imagine that you can and would respond. Imagine you were running a golf course, right?  You want to make it affordable, but you also want it to be nice for your guests.  That was the topic a couple of holes out there. So,Read More →

I don’t want to make you green with envy even though I made it out to the greens yesterday and maybe you didn’t. But, hey I just wanted to let everyone know I had a great time yesterday at  Falcon’s Fire. This was the first time I had golfed there. The only thing was that I didn’t have my clubs so I had to rent some and for some reason it took some time getting them in my hot little hands. There were actually 12 of us and like pansies we played best ball and had some prizes for the best 4 some. We didn’tRead More →

The Treasure Trove Of Golf Courses In Orlando, FL There is a reason why people love to play golf in Orlando, FL. Pros love it, amateur golfers love it and even those who haven’t swung or holed ever, they too love it. Of course the courses in the city certainly help and do enrich the golfing experience but you cannot dismiss the weather factor either. There aren’t many places where you get a nice blend of warmth, relative humidity and gentle breeze, all concocted to suit a day of golfing. The best part about golf in Orlando, FL, is that you can play throughout theRead More →