Falcon’s Fire Golf Outing

I don’t want to make you green with envy even though I made it out to the greens yesterday and maybe you didn’t.

But, hey I just wanted to let everyone know I had a great time yesterday at  Falcon’s Fire. This was the first time I had golfed there. The only thing was that I didn’t have my clubs so I had to rent some and for some reason it took some time getting them in my hot little hands.


There were actually 12 of us and like pansies we played best ball and had some prizes for the best 4 some.

We didn’t win although our group shot a 78. It was mostly because the guy in the red rocks. He has a great game. Me on the other hand….well my game leaves a little to be desired.

I have a lame joke that I can shoot consistently under 90 on the first 9, but no one really laughs because it really just sounds stupid.

One of the best things about yesterday besides the perfect weather and perfect course were the beer carts. Thankfully the carts helped us relax our game. It probably sounds a little Buddhist, but I simply play better when I am not trying so damn hard.

Once I relax into the game and get out of my head about, I do great. Just swing, swing. Don’t think, just swing. That’s kind of how it goes in my head.

I will say I haven’t golfed in about 4 years, so I found putting to be a real “b***”

I just couldn’t see the break to save my life. It was like I needed brail. I told my partner that I really was more of a kinesthetic learner and probably would have been better off to take my shirt off and roll away from the hole while laying down. Maybe my body would be able to read the angles then.

It was a great day though, and I would highly recommend anyone that is thinking about getting out there in central Florida to check out the golf course.

It was great for relationships and fun. Everything was clean and easy moving if you know what I mean. No snags except for the club rental. I think they just had a little bit of communication break down. But it’s all good in the hood. How do you like my golf lingo.

Thanks for stopping by….I will post again soon.

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