Golf Courses in Orlando

The Treasure Trove Of Golf Courses In Orlando, FL

There is a reason why people love to play golf in Orlando, FL. Pros love it, amateur golfers love it and even those who haven’t swung or holed ever, they too love it. Of course the courses in the city certainly help and do enrich the golfing experience but you cannot dismiss the weather factor either. There aren’t many places where you get a nice blend of warmth, relative humidity and gentle breeze, all concocted to suit a day of golfing. The best part about golf in Orlando, FL, is that you can play throughout the year. Orlando, rather Florida, is to the United States what Queensland is to Australia.

If you are wondering where you could have a great game of golf in Orlando, FL, then just use this list and choose one that suits you.

  • Bay Hill Club & Lodge has been voted as the third best golf course (open to public) in Florida by Golf Magazine. Since 1979, this course has hosted the PGA Tour. So there is a bit of history and all time popularity. What would draw you to this course at the very first instant are the flat, long, bunkered holes spread across and around seven lakes. You wouldn’t have a spellbinding backdrop or landscape to go with the course but if you can manage to deal with the breeze and the challenges of holing one after the other, then you might be in the league of the champions.
  • Reunion Resort, which only allows its guests who are staying at the resort to play golf in their Orlando property, has three courses, the Tom Watson or Independence course which is the absolute best, the Arnold Palmer or Legacy course and the Jack Nicklaus or Tradition course.
  • Waldorf Astoria Club is one of the more affordable places to play golf in Orlando, FL. Serving two hotels and surrounded by the Disney Resort, the place is quite happening in more ways than just golf.
  • If Waldorf Astoria Club is generous with its water splashed holes, Grand Cypress Resort doesn’t like the idea. Instead, this course gives you a massive course with semi blind spots and more than a hundred forty bunkers. You also get as many as twenty seven other holes and a practice course with three holes.
  • Southern Dunes Golf & Country Club is an affordable place to play golf in Orlando, FL. It isn’t the best but a quality course at its price.
  • Walt Disney World, characterized by its putting greens, wetlands, mounds and a fascinating history to go with, is an amazing place to be. It’s a fun place.

Some other popular places that draw sufficient people interested in golf in Orlando are Ritz-Carlton, ChampionsGate, Orange County National and Celebration Golf Club.

If you are traveling to Orlando and intend to play golf, then you might want to consider staying at one of the hotels or resorts that have an onsite course.

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